About Us

Whiskey Girls all started in 2005 in Laconia, New Hampshire while Jen was attending Bike Week. Jen was at the Smokehouse with a bunch of old biker betties trading shots of whiskey. They called her whiskey girl the whole night. The name stuck in her head so she wrote it on a napkin. When she got home she went to the state registered the name not knowing what she was going to do with it but knowing something big had started.

Jen has been in the promotional industry since 1999 as a model, volunteer and manager and saw an opportunity for a company to offer the services of beautiful intelligent women to promote the goods and services of companies, and help raise monies for non profit organizations throughout the U.S.

She created a vision, a mission, and it blossomed into something wonderful, something more than I could ever imagine; touching the lives of individuals throughout the U.S.

To continue on with her dream, she knew she too needed to blossom and decided to close the doors for a few years. Jen took quite the educational journey so she could become a better version of her for all of you.

Now Jen will be continuing on with her dream but this time around with an incredible team. She’s teamed up with Dark Horse Entities owners: Franco and Mike.

Zig Ziglar said “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”

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